Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone ★★★★

it snowed today. And the average person might turn up the heat in their house or put on some socks, or maybe even pour a cup of tea. I would watch this film. It has the same effect. 

So you know the main staircase with the incredible ceiling, that leads into the dining hall. Ya that’s a real place, in Oxford. My friends left me behind when we were visiting. So in an astounding attempt to catch up to them I sprinted up the stairs, tripped, and fell flat on my face. 

This will always be the best book/movie series to exist. And if you disagree, I wonder what it feels like to be wrong? 

I’ve never reviewed these films on here despite seeing them probably 12 times each. So here we go. This one is absolutely iconic, not my favorite of the first half of the series (I believe that in terms of favorites, the series should be split in two or even three. Because the themes get more serious and the story builds so in the end the early ones just can’t compete with the last few yanno?) but it’s cute and light and brilliant. 

the 😢 fact 😢 that 😢 I 😢 will 😢 never 😢 meet 😢 Alan 😢 Rickman 😢 in 😢 real 😢 life 😭 

Also if I ever have a pet toad, Trevor is at the top of the contending names list.

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