Lamb ★★★½

Debated going full spoilers, because, with a film this understated, it’s easier for me to express what I loved (and what I didn’t) when I can point to specific examples (see: my review of Pig). But suffice it to say, I mostly found Lamb to be a brilliant exercise in restraint, using offscreen space and visual dissonance to create a creeping sense of unease. What I was most impressed with is how it consistently subverted my expectations for where the plot would lead, but doing so in a way that further develops the characters and thematic content, rather than seeming like cheap red herrings or plot padding. Until one brief scene in the third act which felt forced, the narrative unfolds naturally, and the ending beautifully ties the film together thematically while also delivering a haunting final note. It’s a film of many deliberate choices, most of them excellent.

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