Old ★½

To call Shyamalan's filmography divisive would be an understatement, but whatever level people are able to enjoy his recent work on I clearly just don't have in me. My loss, really, because I much prefer to be in the crowd championing his big swings rather than contributing to the voices of dissent. As with most films I genuinely hate, my negative rating alone should sell you a ticket, but if you need further incentive, I'd add that, unlike Glass, Old is far from dull. On a moment to moment basis, I was rapt in attention, stifling laughter or sitting slack-jawed that it was somehow managing to get worse as it went on. It's one of those rare films that seems to make the wrong choice at nearly every possible opportunity—deflating the dramatic weight and tension so inelegantly and consistently, it would almost have to be intentional. Needless to say, I'll be there opening night for his next one, too.

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