• Eraserhead



    Why did I eat two bowls of Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch before watching this 🤢

  • Mitzi... Roarin' in the 20s

    Mitzi... Roarin' in the 20s


    Found this television special randomly while searching through Amazon Prime's vast but confoundingly unnavigable video streaming service.

    It only had three watches on Letterboxd and no reviews, so I decided to give it a whirl to see if it deserved being forgotten to time— or as forgotten-to-time as something can be while being readily available on a major streaming platform.

    Lately I've developed a casual interest in the 1920s, so I was interested to see how the people of the…

  • Address Unknown

    Address Unknown


    yes yes yes ʸᵉˢ ʸᵉˢ ʸᵉˢ yes yes yes / sᴀᴠᴇ / THE WASH OF LIFE / 𝚒 𝚗𝚎𝚎𝚍 𝚊 𝚌𝚊𝚛 / I / ʟᴀɴᴅ / more / rare / scarce

    This experimental short film blends shaky footage of trees, flashing words and images, and scenes from Disney's Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

    While in the 90s it might have been perceived as transgressive in some way to chop up a Disney film like this, by 2022 Disney films…

  • Little Frank and His Carp

    Little Frank and His Carp


    This was great. Anyone else notice the Mr. Scruff sample? “Once again […] fish.”

  • Hawkeye



    I initially rated this a bit higher just because it was a relief to see a Disney+ Marvel show that actually wrapped up the story in a satisfying way, unlike each of its predecessors. It was also a nice low-stakes break from the multiversal shenanigans that were set up in almost every 2021 MCU project but have not yet been brought together in a satisfying way. The character work from Renner and Steinfeld was solid, and their chemistry (as well…

  • Glorifying the American Girl

    Glorifying the American Girl


    Occasionally good, but never great— until the exquisite technicolor musical number that closes the film… which, of course, had been heavily censored and turned black and white in the version I found to watch on Fandor. I had to find a clip of the scene on YouTube to get the full experience, and it didn’t disappoint, though it made me wonder why I even bothered with the rest of the film when the best 5 minutes could be seen so easily.

  • Strangers in Good Company

    Strangers in Good Company


    This is the anti-Lord of the Flies

  • I May Destroy You

    I May Destroy You


    Michaela Coel is clearly an amazing actor, and this was entertaining enough to get me through the full six hours, but the writing was super sloppy. Where it tries to be nuanced it ends up being hypocritical, with surprisingly horrendous politics coming out in unexpected ways.

    It is also— if anyone was wondering— way, way overrated on this website, probably due to the fact that it's actually a TV show and not a movie. (In other words, those who decided it wasn't for them probably gave up after an episode or two.)

  • Pauline
  • For Heaven's Sake

    For Heaven's Sake


    This could have been perfect if the last third had not been the overdone race-to-the-wedding bit and had instead followed through with the plot and characterization from the first third. Some great laughs and charming moments, though— definitely recommended as a short, sweet and wholesome watch.

  • The Great Gatsby

    The Great Gatsby

    (Trailer only)

  • Hans Christian Andersen

    Hans Christian Andersen


    Actors $250
    Screenplay $100
    Ballet scenes $150
    Set design for Odense $8,500
    Props $50
    someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying