Burning ★★★★★

i’ve had this on my watchlist for about a year now and i’ve put off watching it because of the runtime and the not so intriguing synopsis, but something just clicked and i randomly decided to watch it. i am no good with slow, long films but my eyes were basically glued to the screen. it moves so slowly, the synopsis is a big chunk of this film and it still kept me engaged. i cant get enough of this film. the screenplay, the delivery of the screenplay and the long shots were all incredibly alluring. i wanted more and more and by the time it ended i sat in awe for a good 5 minutes. i love everything about burning, the metaphors, the amazing performance by all three of the lead actors and the direction. this is a slow and emotional journey and it will be stuck with me for a while. rewatching this is definitely essential, but i think i’ll wait a while before doing so, as i need time to process the thoughts and the burning questions in my head.

you need to go in to burning with assiduity (!!)

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