Eternals ★★½

Veterans Day in the US, means my kids were out of school. November in Seattle means it’s gonna be miserable and rainy. Perfect day to go to the theater. 
This movie is such a mixed bag, I can see why it has been so divisive. It’s hard for me to even formulate a cohesive review so I’m just going to give some of my general thoughts. 
-The cast is excellent from top to bottom. 
-The deviants are boring as antagonists. It’s not until the plot turns and we have an anthropomorphic antagonist that the story becomes interesting. 
-It is beautifully shot. 
-The celestial scope and timespan makes the rest of the MCU events feel kind of insignificant. Like Iron Man 2 is a story in this same universe. 
-I didn’t really care for most of the action scenes (again mostly because they’re nameless, shapeless deviants). 
-I didn’t get what either of the post credit scenes were about. (I’m sure after I google it, I’ll find out and probably get excited about whatever  it’s hinting at.)
-I did enjoy listening to my youngest attempt to explain the movie to my wife. 

“The things got sent to Earth to kill the predators. Then those things they became the predators. Then the other big thing sent the other things that were like people, (except they weren’t people), to kill the things that are the predators now. And then they stopped that other big thing from being born”

Sums it up perfectly. :)
Honestly, (for the moment at least) it makes me like the MCU a little bit less—that is—Not super excited for what’s to come and less inclined to revisit any of the past films. I’m sure it’s temporary. Once the next trailer drops, I’m sure I’ll be back on board. 

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