Free Guy

Free Guy ★★★

Free Guy is a fun and energetic romp that mixes in some genuine warmth and charm. The general premise is interesting—a kind of mash up of the ideas behind The LEGO Movie and The Truman Show.  There are some decent laughs along with some legitimate surprises that made for a really enjoyable time at the theater. On the negative side, Taika Waititi’s character was a bit too cartoonish to be taken seriously. It felt like Taika thought he was supposed to be playing a video game character in Free City (the game within this movie). I also thought the final act got a bit laughable in terms of the action. Trying to keep it vague, but certain actors in the real world take actions to affect what’s happening in Free City, and I just didn’t buy that it would look like that. (Hard to describe in words other than, I don’t think computer programs work that way). Oh well. With a certain amount of suspension of disbelief, there is a pretty decent time to be had at the movies, here. 
Also, I just want to point out that Lil Rel Howery is having himself a year. I have now watched 7 Lil Rel Howery movies this year and only 1 of them (Bird Box) was released before the start of this year. I’ve seen Deep Water, Free Guy, Space Jam: A New Legacy, Fatherhood, Tom & Jerry, Judas and the Black Messiah. Plus he was in Bad Trip this year, which I have not seen, and he has at least two more movies slated for release this year. Well done, man. 

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Ryan Reynolds
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