Kimi ★★★½

Soderberg’s direction and Zoë Kravitz performance get a lot of mileage from a pretty thin premise and script. I loved the way Sodeberg builds Angela’s (Kravitz) character and back story in the opening moments of the film without much dialogue or exposition dumps. The story is essentially Rear Window, set in the present say with a technology based spin. Kravitz performance is really excellent and it has me (more) excited to see her in The Batman. (That’s next week!). It’s a fun watch that never drags or overstays it’s welcome.  While the finale kind of ditches the mystery behind the plot in favor of an more action-centered conclusion, I think it works well to keep this film squarely in the appropriate genre. Bonus points for the Seattle setting. 

2022 Ranked

Degrees of Kevin Bacon: 1
1. Zoë Kravitz
and Kevin Bacon in X-Men: First Class

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