Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★½

When I was a kid, one year I found out where my parents were hiding my Christmas presents. One of those presents was a video game that I had been dying to play — Street Fighter II for the Sega Genesis. I couldn’t take knowing that the game was sitting there in my house, but that I wasn’t able to play it. So when my parents were at work, I would sneak in, carefully unwrap it, open it, play it and wrap it all back up before they got home. 
In that way, Licorice Pizza made me feel like a kid again. It’s a stellar movie, surprisingly simple in its construct. Alana Haim and Cooper Hoffman are equally magnetic. Bradley Cooper owns every scene he’s in. I’ll save the rest of my comments for when I unwrap my Christmas present for real. 

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