Nope ★★★★★

A funny and tense popcorn thriller. The finale drags a bit as a it loses some of that humor and tension, but I was absolutely loving everything up until that point, so I’ll keep it at a 4.5 for now. Kaluuya and Palmer have wonderful sibling chemistry.  Laughed a lot, particularly in the first half. A technical showcase filled with beautiful cinematography and excellent sound design. Watched with my daughter and @BenGrayeyard and it was a really fun one to experience in a packed theater.  Not super scary which even my 10 y/o daughter could attest to, but packs some effective horror chills.  Enjoyable as a pure popcorn flick, but I can tell I’ll be thinking about this one for a while unpacking some of it’s themes. 

Update 8.1.2022
Without a doubt liked this even more on second watch.  Re-watched it with the wife this time. Picked up even more of the subtleties in sound design. 
5 stars, Angel. 5 stars. 

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