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  • Jaws


    THE BIRDS is good, but JAWS really perfects the Man vs. Nature plot in regards to animal menace. So many great scenes, so many things you can’t do better with this setup. It’s the JAWS of killer shark movies lol.

    -love Quint’s introduction at the town hall meeting.
    -Appreciate how the Island’s economic dilemma doesn’t paint the mayor as a villain, just under a different pressure of office. And it doesn’t go for some cheap thrill like having him eaten…

  • Fear City

    Fear City

    "It's a thin line, you greaseballs tread." -Det. Al Wheeler (Billy Dee WIlliams).

    This movie should be better. And greasier, if i'm being honest. Considering how many times someone is referred to as a greaseball, this film's got nothing on VICE SQUAD or 10 TO MIDNIGHT. A martial arts psycho is attacking the dancer clients of two “talent agents” (glorified pimps), while a law & order cop helps/gets in the way.

    The setting and plot sounds like a Cannon Films scenario,…

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  • The Blob

    The Blob

    “You mean that this little pebble’s been hot roddin’ around the universe?”

    A quintessential 50’s drive-in film if ever there was one. Rebellious youth dramedy vehicle gets T-boned  by a meteor-ridin’ alien cruising through town. That flashy out-of-towner ruined my ride, man! 

    Any pretence of a serious sci-fi horror are gone before the opening credits end, as “the blob”, by The Five Blobs tune plays over them. There is the building menace of the ever-growing space jelly to contend with,…

  • The Oily Maniac

    The Oily Maniac

    The real oily maniacs are the corrupt lawyers, unlicensed plastic surgeons and rapey thugs we strangled along the way.

    A 70’s Shaw Brothers horror movie that contains black magic, but not as gonzo as some of their other output. A crippled legal clerk watches as his uncle’s business is taken over by thugs. During a brawl with said thugs, his uncle kills a man and is sentenced to death. The same day as the execution, his bosses at the law firm…