As a huge fan of Clouzot’s original, SORCERER holds its own. Friedkin and screenwriter Walon Green (THE WILD BUNCH) rework the front and back, but keep all the jangling tension of the middle. As far as remaking a classic goes, SORCERER justifies itself. The highest compliment.

I’ve tried looking for a copy of Georges Arnaud’s novel over the years, but the English translation looks to be out of print and selling for too much money. Specifically I’d like to know if the backstories have precedent in the source. It’s fascinating to me that 2 different directors took opposite approaches to the characters, and both ways work for their respective takes. It’s not often that you get an example of either way succeeding.

I’m still trying to work out the actual sorcerer stuff. The truck “faces” and the ancient indigenous stone faces, the encounters with tribal characters. The title of the film evokes something, I just don’t know what. The oblique symbolism goes over my head.

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