Hold the Dark ★★★★½

"When we're killed, the past is killed. When kids are killed, the future dies. There's no life without a future."

Russell (Jeffrey Wright) is an experienced wolf hunter called by a grieving mother (Riley Keough) to hunt and kill a pack of wolves responsible for the disappearance of her son. What begins as a mysterious yet realistic story takes a sinister turn and becomes something far more interesting and dark than the premise may suggest. It flawlessly combines the coldness (literally and figuratively) of its setting with that of its story as a village is shaken by an unexpected turn of events.

Packed with action, mystery and an eerie feeling that outlasts its two hour long runtime, Hold the Dark is definitely a sight to see. With a beautiful cinematography, great direction from Jeremy Saulnier and incredible camerawork that pairs wells with its sinister story.