Life Itself ★★★½

A lot of people here seem to hate this film and so I feel like the odd one out because I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, but I understand why. Yes, it does feel like a cheesy Hallmark TV movie in some parts but, you know what, cheesy is good sometimes. I think what I liked the most was how different it was from what I had pictured in my head. 
It is separated into five narrated chapters, which was surprising and made the story a little confusing in certain parts as it went back and forth sometimes, but it all makes sense at the end with that little plot twist that ties it all together. Although, some of it felt unnecessary.
Chapter 3 was completely in spanish and felt like a soap opera, but it felt like a story of its own.
Other than that, it was really enjoyable and fun to watch. You get wonderful performances by Oscar Isaac and Olivia Wilde, as well as Mindy Patinkin many more in the following chapters. Also, a lot of Bob Dylan.