Parasite ★★★★★

“Dad, today I made a plan.”

Second time around was somehow even better. My first viewing was at the theater and even though I absolutely loved the experience, I was able to watch it more carefully at home this time.
Robert Eggers said in an interview that you don’t get to fully appreciate a great film unless you watch it two or three times. I feel like that’s exactly the case with Parasite. The intricacies down to the smallest details are so well thought out it’s almost unbelievably good. From all the metaphors to the many symbols throughout the film that flow so naturally that it feels as though you know the story and makes you build your own expectations, only to take a complete 180° and go in a complete different direction that manages to be better than whatever you imagined. The pace is something I can’t compliment enough. It all goes by so smoothly that you don’t even notice how immersed you are into the story until later in the film. So fascinating.
Bong Joon-Ho’s vision is so beautiful. He has a very unique way of filmmaking that’s more than impressive and makes the story feel warm and personal even if it’s nothing you can relate to. I’m sure he thinks of absolutely every minor detail in his stories. I’m so glad he’s going down in history as one of the greatest.

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