Unpregnant ★★★½

“This is why you always take the ride from the hot lesbian!”

A very unique road trip flick. It felt surprisingly lighthearted considering the heavy topic it deals with while never sugar coating any of it at the same time, which made for a nice balance of drama and comedy. As any other film of this sub-genre, it is filled with absurd moments and unexpected turns that were both fun and exciting to watch: think Booksmart but toned down a bit and with a little more drama.
The actual film is actually really straightforward yet so well put together that it’s hard not to lose yourself in its story and some of its beautiful visuals, as well as stellar performances from Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira, who made a fantastic duo and had great chemistry together. Richardson in particular always gives great performances; I think she deserves more mature roles once she gets past this teen drama phase of her career.
Very symple but so good and beyond entertaining.

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