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  • In the Mood for Love

    In the Mood for Love


    A Truly Romantic Movie, In Every Sense Of The Word, Reminiscent Of Old Romance Movies, When They Had Heart, Soul And Most Of All Love, The Type Of Romance That Makes The Viewer Dizzy And Makes Your Heart Pound, Breaks And Warms It Simultaneously, The Spirit Involved In This Movie Is Out Of This World, Movies Like This Are A Rarity In Our Time Or Anytime, So, When You Come Across One, It Destroys You. The Setting, 1960's Hong Kong…

  • Satantango



    Thank You To Lara Pop For Recommending Béla Tarr To Me. I Can Not Thank You Enough. You Have Simultaneously Made And Ruined My Life With This Movie.

    YES, I WATCHED ALL 7 HOURS IN ONE SITTING And I'm Absolutely Blown Away, I Really Have No Idea What To Say, I Was Thoroughly Captivated By This Masterpiece Throughout The Entire Run Time, This Never Felt Like A Chore, Every Single Frame Has Meaning And Substance And Is A Work Of…

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  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    Japanese Cinema Marathon: Movie #45: 誰も知らない

    Stillness, Silent Composition, The Movement Of Sound, Waves Of Emotion, Childhood Heartbreaks, Growing Up, Responsibility, The Stillness Of Time, Slow Time, Fast Time, Time, Where Did It Go, How Did You Get Here, Where Are You Going, Why Can't You Be A Child, Observation, We Observe These Characters, We Enter Their Lives, We Intrude On Their Most Intimate Moments, Through The Camerawork We Feel Their Aching, Their Longing And Most Of All Their Pains,…

  • Jigoku



    Japanese Cinema Marathon: Movie #41: 地獄

    "Hear Me! You Who In Life Piled Up Sin Upon Sin Will Be Trapped In Hell Forever. Suffer! Suffer! This Vortex Of Torment Will Whirl For All Eternity"

    Word's Can Not Accurately Describe How Absolutely Insane And Overloading To The Brain This Movie Is, It's A Surreal, Disturbing, Completely Unique Experience In The Bizarre, I Have Seen A Lot Of Movies That Fall Under That Description Not Only From Japan But From Around The…

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  • Moonlight




    One Thing I Wanted To Examine On Here Besides Mental Health Is Sexuality. This Might Be Uncomfortable Or Inappropriate For Some Younger Users On Here So If You Are Under 18 Read At Your Own Discretion Or Don't Read This At All. Thanks In Advance For Reading.
    Rumors And Bullying

    When I Was About 10 A Girl On My Road Started A Rumor That I Was Gay. Not That There Is Anything Wrong With That But…

  • Kiki's Delivery Service

    Kiki's Delivery Service


    Japanese Cinema Marathon: Movie #12: 魔女の宅急便

    Thanks Again To Zayaan And Masud For Both Recommending This, Another Beautiful Movie To Me.

    Another Beautiful And Charming Movie By Hayao Miyazaki Who I'm Already Falling Head Over Heels For, Cinematically Speaking. This Is Obviously Beautifully And Perfectly Animated And Is Just So Wholesome And Joyful, Between This And The Last Movie I Watched I Smiled So Much Today And I Thank Hayao Miyazaki For Doing That, Because Let Me Tell You, I Don't Smile That Much So When I Find Movies Like These I Cherish Them With All My Heart.