West Side Story ★★★★

If You Saw My Review Of "Brigadoon" You'll Know How Much Musicals Mean To Me So I Really Have No Idea Why It Took Me This Long To See "West Side Story", This Is Easily One Of The Best Musicals I've Ever Seen. Everything About This Movie Is Perfect From It's Musical Numbers To it's Production Design To It's Flawless Directing This Movie Absolutely Blew Me Away And I Will Remember It Forever And I Will Always Cherish Musicals.

Music Composed By Leonard Bernstein With Lyrics By Stephen Sondheim And Choreography By Jerome Robbins Are Outstanding With Each Song And Dance Number As Exuberant And Colorful As The Last, Directing By Jerome Robbins And Robert Wise And Writing By Ernest Lehman Are Both Fantastic.

The Cast For The Most Part Do And Excellent Job, Some Of The Performances Are Over The Top To Say The Least But It's Just So Entertaining It Doesn't Matter, Neither Do The Rest Of The Flaws. Tonal Issues, Some Bad Performances, Slight Pacing And Runtime Issues Are All Canceled Out By Sheer Entertainment Value And Fun And Excitement Of The Musical Numbers.

Despite It's Inherent Flaws I Loved Every Finger Snapping Second Of This Musical Masterpiece And It's Defiantly Become One Of My Favorites.