Original Cast Album: Company ★★★★

Here's to the film lads who log
Everybody read
Make sure people see how well cultured they are
Maybe you’ll agree

A Duvernay, or PTA
A family film by George Miller
Adapted plays, or French New Wave
A sexy 80s thriller
...I'll log to that.

Here's to the guys who make lists
Don't they have great taste
Never could they waste even one precious thought
In a private space

Off to their apps, then to the boards
Look whose opinion came quicker
Another thread, tomatoes score
Confirm they align with film twitter
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhiiiillllll....I'll log to that

So here's to the boys who love film
Everybody smile
Look at their profiles and you'll see all they know
This is worth our while

A toast to that cinema gang
Who know how to pronounce "Lulu Wong"
Let's hear it for the film lads who log
Everybody wriiiiiiiiiiiite

Four stars!

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