A Ghost Story ★★★★★

It comes as no surprise that the party scene is the most controversial scene in the film. It is, after all, a moment in which an entire film's worth of quiet contemplation gives way to a flowery, pretentious monologue about nihilism. I can see how that would be jarring and ultimately unnecessary as a stylistic choice, but I deeply disagree with all of the criticism I've read that tackle it from a more philosophical perspective. It's not that I agree with the monologue's content; it's more so that I view the entire film, and especially everything that comes after that monologue, as a strong and deliberate refutation of everything the guy argues for. The fundamental theme I take away from this film is that we do in fact matter, that the things we leave behind and share are meaningful even if it doesn't seem that way on a cosmic scale. Of course, intent doesn't always translate to execution and doesn't justify anything on its own, so while I personally felt like it got Lowery's point across wonderfully, I realize that others may not have felt the same way via the film's choices. And that's completely fine, I just wanted to defend the scene in a greater context.

Overall still the best 2017 film I've seen, and by a significant margin.

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