Cuties ★★★½

If you're at all curious to feel what it's like to give yourself a colonoscopy, I urge you to take a quick scroll through the fucking brain dead 1/2 star reviews on this site and the right wing mosh pit on Twitter and see for yourself who is making these comments. Why is it always the loser white dudes who never once have made an effort to be an ally to POC or learn about other cultures who are the most up in arms about shit like this? Oh, I know why - because nothing satisfies them more than attacking a Black woman and using it as a cheap talking point in their interminable crusade for "family values." I assure you, if this film was everything people are saying, I guarantee the first people to call it out would be Black women. In contrast, the same people ranting against this film will never hold any of their favorites accountable.

I've actually seen the film, so I know the marketing is awful and does a disservice to what the film is trying to do - and Netflix should be ashamed of itself for ruining Maimouna Doucoure's very solid debut and irreparably harming her career. But you know who else should be ashamed? All of you fucking assholes furiously scribbling away at your manifestos about how Doucoure is a pedophile, when you couldn't care less about actually engaging with the content and issues she explores through her own experiences. It is chilling how fucking gleeful in your faux liberal anger some of you are about this. Just sit the fuck down and read the reviews out of Sundance from Black women. Educate yourselves. And if you have a problem with this, feel free to unfollow me.

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