Petite Maman

Petite Maman ★★★★

About as impactful and emotionally complex of a 73 minutes as you'll see. Feels spiritual without necessarily being surreal, relatively high concept without compromising character, a portrayal of a certain kind of distance but told with an intimate lens. We see metaphors for grief and its ensuing coping mechanisms all the time in art, but Sciamma finds new ways into her story by dramatizing that very nebulous bridge between childhood and adulthood. Her approach is both internal, namely our relationship with our own past and present selves, and external, namely our relationship with our parents - in a way, a future version of ourselves but from the past. That crossover period where something like death, for instance, brings those various elements colliding together is what this film so respectfully and effectively sketches out. Beautiful work from the Sanz sisters and Claire Mathon to bring it together.


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