Your Name. ★★★½

Didn't connect with this as much as others have, but there's no denying the beauty in its craft. It's a high concept, dreamlike film with a gorgeous score, breathtaking animation, and an excellent voice cast, and it impressively manages a smooth transition between two very different halves. For the most part, the melodrama of the final act feels completely earned, and the film's undying appreciation for love and memories--even across space and time--helps keep it grounded. And yet, there's a transcendent quality to certain scenes that gives the story its emotional heft. Late in the film, there's a stunning conversation between our two characters that is so raw, so honest, so heartfelt, that it singlehandedly makes the entire thing worth experiencing. Then, just like that, it ends, but you're still holding on to something. Maybe a moment, maybe a person, maybe just a name.

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