• Spaceman



    I was wondering what the spider from Enemy has been up to

  • The Sweet East

    The Sweet East


    Talia Ryder, Simon Rex, and Ayo Edebiri all deserve so much better than this. And Jeremy O. Harris…well, seems about right for him.

  • Drive-Away Dolls

    Drive-Away Dolls


    I'm really not sure what Margaret Qualley was attempting to do here but all I know is that somehow it's Jack Antonoff's fault

  • Memory



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Thought it'd end with everyone brutally dying somehow so the fact that it doesn't is character development for Michel Franco!

  • One Day

    One Day


    It's okay, original author already got his chance writing the movie, we can change the ending now

  • This Is Me…Now

    This Is Me…Now


    "Wait why the fuck are they in this movie" for 65 mins straight

  • Suncoast



    Can sometimes feel disjointed but there's a lot to like in here (though Harrelson's character feels somewhat like a missed opportunity). The performances are good, the mother daughter storyline is strong, and there are genuinely affecting moments to be found amid the backdrop of grief. The emotional core of the film feels true to life and not overly sentimental or manufactured, even if some of the surrounding color is.

    GRADE: B

  • The End We Start From

    The End We Start From


    Had to go to the third page for the first Jodie Comer is Mother joke even though that's the literal premise of the movie? I'm not sure whether to be disappointed in you guys or if nature is finally healing

  • Upgraded



    Good to see the Riverdale-to-perfectly average streaming rom com pipeline is at least still alive and well

  • Perfect Days

    Perfect Days


    I have a feeling that Japan is probably the only Asian country that white European filmmakers would make this type of film about, i.e. centering the working class in an aesthetically and thematically pleasing backdrop about the "simple pleasures of life." That's not a knock against this very lovely, very tranquil, and very well shot film though, one that has an incredible sense of rhythm and pacing even as it lives within repetition. Kōji Yakusho is luminous, embodying his character perfectly, multitudes written in every tiny smile or movement. It'll easily remain one of the better performances of the year.

    GRADE: B+

  • Argylle



    Abysmally shot, structured, paced, and edited, twist upon twist blended into a filth of nothingness in which so much changes that nothing actually does, save for the passage of time on your rotting body in its seat. The dumbest script in existence, a guaranteed money hemorrhage from the beginning, $200 million down the drain in a hilarious inferno of baffling choices. Rockwell is trying his best, but Bryce Dallas Howard is trying her best and we're getting her worst. Henry…

  • How to Have Sex

    How to Have Sex


    Upon finishing the film, my first instinct was that it didn't get below the surface of its characters enough. But as I sit with it, I appreciate the film more and more for what it successfully sets out to do: craft a very particular feeling, one that can be terrifying in its indistinctness and normalized sans consequence. The main character understands her discomfort in broad strokes, but her environment and the people around her feed into a cognitive dissonance that…