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  • Much Too Shy

    Much Too Shy


    George gets mixed up with the weird world of modern art as represented by Charles Hawtrey in this odd film that has its moments but suffers from some lacklustre support and the least authentic looking England I have seen on-screen n a while.

  • South American George

    South American George


    You know what you’re getting with our George, and whilst this is not his best, the cast give it real gusto and Formby’s attempts to play a double of himself with a very Lancashire vaguely South America accent (which country isn’t revealed but it sounds like none of them) is entertaining. Old-fashioned fun.

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  • Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort


    Back in the early 80s the meaning of masculinity was in crisis, not least for me as I had entered adolescence. Somehow I saw this film long before I was old enough to legally buy a ticket and it was a thrilling but traumatic experience. In some ways it still is. A group of Louisiana National Guardsmen find themselves in mortal peril and only able to fire blanks. Subtlety plays little part in the symbolism on show here. At one…

  • A Useful Life

    A Useful Life


    If you want to know how not to market a cinema, watch 'A Useful Life.' It's the story of a 45 year old man who not only works in a cinema but has made it his entire life. He moves his head like he's a human camera trying to run a smooth tracking shot, and he repeatedly waits in the shadows for a woman he desires presumably because everyone looks better in film noir. Heck, he's even in black and…