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  • Psycho
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Emma.

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  • A Castle for Christmas

  • Blue Story


  • The French Dispatch


Recent reviews

  • A Castle for Christmas

    A Castle for Christmas

    Only granted a full one star as I was thoroughly in the mood for some Christmas rubbish. Warning: do not watch if you’re Scottish.

  • The Dig

    The Dig


    As much as Lily and Johnny are lovely, they ain't really needed in this are they? Feels like the romance was shoe-horned in when the unique friendship should have stayed at the forefront of the whole story.
    3.5 for wonderful Carey Mulligan and beautiful shots of Suffolk

Popular reviews

  • Silence



    Unsurprisingly, this film looks gorgeous, has some brilliant performances and tells a story which is significantly undertold.

    So why did I find it so dull and indulgent? It's on the tip of being something truly stunning but I found it was testing the viewer in their perseverance of watching the journey as much as the story was testing the lead character.

    The beginning act I thought was a remarkable piece of story telling, layered with shots of the beauty the…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    This film looks stunning and is so rich in so much... so why does most of it go over my head?

    I admit that I've loathed the hype over this story. With any film it makes me cautious in what I read and see about it but there was no escaping La La Land- and that had a significant impact on how I felt about the film (sadly). 

    One thing that really gets my goat about this film is all…