All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front

War Images: The technical brilliance of this film is evident. Each frame is filled with the agonizing horrors of war. If you already don’t know this is an anti war film. It follows Paul through the bloodshed of World War 1. The cinematography is top notch. The hard work of the makers is seen clearly on screen.

The Perturbation: The friendship depicted between the soldiers, is palatable. They have excellent chemistry. Matter of fact them spending time together are the best scenes of the film. We stay with them as everything around them is retired, bombed and crumbled to the ground. There is blood, wailing soldiers and a lot of chaos. 

Verdict: There are plenty of films made on WWI but this one felt poignant to me. Of course it isn’t perfect. It could have been a little shorter. There could’ve been a clearer transition between the scenes with the officers and the war scenes. At some parts it also felt reminiscent of the brilliant and recently made 1917. Overall a devastating look at the effects of war. And how a few arrogant men can make a decision that potentially causes mayhem and deaths.

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