Dolemite Is My Name ★★★

A passion project for Eddie Murphy, which is apparent. Before this film I wasn’t aware of Rudy Ray Moore or his Dolemite character. I was in for a treat. It’s always fun to watch a movie without any context, especially biographies.
It helps that there are a lot of humorous scenes. It’s always tricky to capture the essence of a famous person but I think Eddie Murphy succeeds in his take on Rudy. He possesses a charismatic personality, has good intentions. Which makes it impossible to dislike him. 
A massive cloud pleaser. Specifically for fans and admirers of Rudy Ray Moore. It will resonate with people who grew up watching or listening to Dolemite. 
In the end, it kind of reminded me of The Disaster Artist but May be I am crazy. But a movie about a man desperate to make a movie. Even though Tommy Wiseau is on another level, as far as insane ideas.

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