Nope: The runtime is a problem. The third act, although thrilling, lingers a bit. A subplot doesn’t land while it had a great set up slash story. Multiple viewing is required to catch the references and homages. The most mainstream film that Jordan Peele has done. 

Yup: A phenomenal looking film. It worked as a thriller for me and not horror. Filled with believable performances. The movie plays with all familiar troops but blends it with humor. The jokes here are well written. With a lesser writer it wouldn’t have worked. Aptly directed it’s hard to look away for the whole time. 

Jordan Peele: It’s three out of three for him. Definitely a gifted writer director. I love how he brings his unique style to all his material. A black filmmaker telling stories with black actors is great to see. Ready for his next project, like right now.

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