Squid Game

Squid Game

Context: It is the show everyone is talking about. If you follow any kind of popular culture you have probably heard about this show. About 400+ Individuals, who are in dire need of money, are gathered at a strange place. They are promised billions, if they win six games. On surface these are elementary and kids games. 

Brilliant: Let me begin by saying this was an excellent show. I was entertained, shocked and thrilled. It is so well written. There are plenty of characters, good and bad, but you feel for all of them. Well may be not all, but everyone will have a favorite. That’s the testament to the fine writing. Each character is fleshed out and have their strengths and weaknesses. My personal favorite happens to be our main protagonist. Amidst all the atrocities he held on to his morals. Another character who was an obvious villain, turned out to be predictable but nevertheless felt essential to the plot. My next favorite was Kang sae, she had an emotional arc. I am not going to lie, I did not see the big twist coming at the end. Although, I did predict a minor character arc and some of the outcomes of the games. 

The Games: Episode 3, 6 and 7 are my favorite. Episode 6 was very emotional. I was on the edge of my couch, while watching episode 7. I would say don’t get attached to a character, but trust me you will. Shoutout to the cinematography. Despite being an extremely dark show all the frames are colorful. To bring out the innocence of childhood. The set design and set up for each game is extremely impressive. The show deals with some heavy themes. And it’s clear as to what the writers are trying to say. There is no subtlety. It’s very mainstream and easy to follow. 

Conclusion: I am currently obsessed with it . So it is no surprise when I highly highly recommend this show. It’s one of the best show that Netflix has done. You will be hooked once you watch the first episode.

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