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  • Zombie Flesh Eaters

    Zombie Flesh Eaters


    Daily Horror Hunt #26
    10. A sequel with no narrative or creative connection to its previous film.

    What a great way to kick off shark week.

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Daily Horror Hunt #26
    17. A film with John Carradine in it

    First off yes I’m also shocked that I haven’t seen this until now, but better late than never.

    The special effects in this film are incredible especially for it being the 1930s. And classic mad scientist paranoia. I can definitely see how this may have influenced Re-Animator amongst other things I’m sure.

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  • Dolls



    Daily Horror Hunt #26
    7. Based on real life events or folklore

    Well I’m an adult they’ll believe me.

    Oh Ralph, that’s not how life works.

  • Cooties



    Daily Horror Hunt #26
    30. Set in a school

    46. Zombies (Voodoo, Undead, Virus, etc.)

    Nap time motherfuckers.

    Cooties is the kind of subtle comedy I love to see in a horror comedy film. If you want to see a bunch of well known actors fight for their lives against a bunch of zombie children this is the film for it. The only things that I found I didn’t really like about the film is the duel rear wheel…