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  • My Octopus Teacher

    My Octopus Teacher


    A filmmaker in his continues dives in the sea builds a relationship with an octopus and starts to learn more and more about their behavior. A nice film with a glossy look at the marine life befitting to a National Geographic channel.

  • Stories from the Chestnut Woods

    Stories from the Chestnut Woods


    A film from Slovakia shot and about an area close to the Slovakian Italian border. The visuals alone makes this film fascinating and poignant. The film focuses on two characters as introduced Mario the stingy carpenter and Marti the last chestnut seller, one is losing his aging wife while the other is reaching the end of her rope with the place shes staying in. With subtle storytelling, simplicity and beautiful cinematography the is film surely captivating add to that some…

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  • The Babysitter

    The Babysitter


    A film with a premise like this where young boy finds out his babysitter is part of a devil worshiping cult, you sort of know the type of film you're in for. It starts slow but gently builds traction and becomes entertainingly wild towards the end. Samara Weaving shines in this one, coincidentally she was from the Ash Vs. Evil Dead cast and here you can see some inspiration from the Evil Dead film series in terms of some of the splashing blood and black comedy. Not a great film but nice guilty pleasure fun and looking forward to the new film.

  • The Binding

    The Binding


    Italian horror film dealing with "binding", a form of curse but the film also felt like a ghost story. Not a bad film at all, with some nice directing in terms of framing, movements and composition. My slight issue with the film is that seems to be so many details regarding binding curses that were either not clearly explained or didn't come across well, also there's too many screams. While, the little leading lady did a good job mostly in her performance being cursed or possessed.