Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

Directed by Richard Linklater and written by both Linklater himself and the actors Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, Before Midnight follows our favorite couple, Jesse and Celine nine years after the conclusion of the previous film and eighteen years since they first met. They are still a couple and have twin girls now thanks to their second get-together. Jesse however has a teenage son, Hank from his previous marriage who lives in Chicago with his mom. The film begins with Jesse dropping his son off at the airport who was with them for summer on the Greek Peloponnese peninsula. It is clear how much Jesse loves his son and regrets not being there for him all the time.

- The entire film is written in such a way that it never feels like lines thought of or lines rehearsed but like genuine conversations between two people. The filmmaker and these two actors are by now, more assured than ever. They work together with far more nuance and depth and perhaps better understanding of what they are doing and what the characters feel and how they function.

- Biting and sharp, intelligent and thought-provoking, with much needed humor and seriousness at the same time. The awes and wonders, the romance and the plights. Great storytelling and even greater way of capturing life through words. Words are words but they work beautifully. The power of words is greatly used here. Richard Linklater himself did an outstanding job in bringing this film to the screen. In bringing his dream to us, in creating these characters and achieving what he decided to. A filmmaking genius, a great human experimenter and a brilliant storyteller.

- As heartfelt and comforting as it is otherwise, in challenging our notion of this so-called perfect couple. It is emotionally shattering and engaging, it resonates with one on so many levels. There is greater sub-text to this and implications. The actors are amazing and their characters are as well. Before Midnight is not only the best film of the trilogy so far but one of the greatest films ever made. A triumph to be savored for ages.

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