Dunkirk ★★★★★

Against all odds, Christopher Nolan manages to up his game once again with Dunkirk, the war movie that the auteur was born to make. Though Nolan's penchant for fractured narrative structures finds its way into his intense dramatic thrill-ride, its stark simplicity separates it from his other brilliant movies that could sometimes threaten to be weighed down by their cumbersome orchestrations of plot. Here, backstories and the very context themselves have all but been ripped away from the viewer, thrusting you into the horrific circumstances with an unequaled level of immersion. I had the privilege of seeing this on 70 mm and it was well worth the expense. Nolan, as per usual, takes an archetype that feels well worn (in this case the war picture) and imbues it with his singular vision of grandeur, intimacy, grief, and hope. The fact that he's able to marshal all of his clout in the industry to make a tale as simultaneously monumental and delicate as Dunkirk is truly an accomplishment.

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