Halloween Kills

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This review may contain spoilers.

despite very much being part two to 2018’s halloween (this one picks up right where that one left us, taking place over the course of the same night), halloween kills is an entirely different beast — where its predecessor put an emphasis on laurie’s trauma, this entry lives up to its title in the sense that it does away with much of its thematic potency in favour of being all about the kills. with the setup already done, david gordon green is able to throw us right into the carnage and, honestly, i think it’s all the better for it. seeing michael emerge from the flames as if he’s escaping from the pits of hell has visually got to be one of the best moments of the year for me, and kyle fucking richards facing off with the shape himself? that’s camp! i genuinely understand why many felt this was a step down from the first film, but as someone who watches this series purely to see michael stalk and stab his way around haddonfield, i found it to be an improvement. michael has never been more of a menacing and brutally unforgiving presence as he is here. gory dumb fun for the halloween season! also, loved how judy greer's death scene mirrored janet leigh's in psycho.

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