Midsommar ★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

(tw rape, suicide)

I was really excited to see this and now I wish I hadn't. it starts off terrible and somehow gets worse - although florence pugh is sensational there's not much good to found anywhere else. the runtime is fucking ridiculous (aster recently released a 170 minute version which is abhorrent, what the fuck). the sunny, overexposed landscape is meant to be a wink and a nod to what 'horror' movies are not 'meant' to look like; rather than make this scarier, it makes it garish, hard to look at for how aesthetically displeasing it is.

I was horrified by the opening scenes wherein pugh's character's sister kills her parents and then herself, because she's 'bipolar'?? fuck all the way off with that utter bullshit. I was also grossed out by the scene where christian is forced to have sex with maja (he's drugged, she's not; she raped him and all those women helped her), and then murdered horribly because dani perceived him to be cheating on her.

(edit: in the script, maja's character is 15, which makes this scene so so much worse.)

the story sucks (what was the point of the whole thesis thing?), the meandering tracking shots and looong walks across the grass are infinitely tedious, the dialogue has quirky moments but is mostly really boring. honestly the only reason I'm giving this 1.5 stars instead of .5 is cause of pugh.

after this, I hope ari aster never makes another film. I hope he gets counseling. I hope he realises how destructive and backwards this crap is. film is not removed from politics, from society - we're all responible for the stories we tell and the content we put out there. let's hold him accountable, and stop acting like this film is good for anything or anyone. thanks.

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