Solo: A Star Wars Story ★★½

If anything, one thing I would have done to improve "Solo: A Star Wars Story's" ending would be to make the implications and weight of each of the respective character arcs much grimmer, so that this way we would get a much more disillusioned young Solo that reasonably transfers to the salty, weathered, and, most of all, UNWILLING TO TRUST OTHERS older man that we see in Episode IV. We "get" that in the story, I suppose, with Han's arc wrapping up, but it doesn't "feel" like Han has taken much of a blow by the film's conclusion. Beyond telling a story, it is a filmmaking team's job to make us relate to the characters' journeys, not just see, listen to it, and preach it rote to others when defending your fandom of the series.

Other than that, this is mostly a blasé heist film. The twists are cool (as well as one reveal at the end), and there are some cool introductions as well, but the film's overall impression doesn't go beyond the feeling of "welp, that was something." The feeling is especially apparent with how some interesting characters are scurried off pretty quickly, either in one way or another. I mean, I wasn't hugely impressed, but I guess go watch it if you want more lore. "Rogue One" was much better.