Us ★★★★

I did not expect to see this movie today, but I am so happy that all the events that happened led me to watching it at the cinema.

So, I'm currently visiting some friends in Edinburgh (this is my third day here). We popped out to the shops in the afternoon to buy some groceries and it wasn't until our way back that my friend realised he had left the key to the main door back in the flat. We couldn't get in, so we had to wait outside for one of his neighbours to get back. We ended up waiting 4 hours before giving up and going to the cinema. With great friends, 4 hours goes by instantly and just keeping each other company was a fun time. Our phones eventually died; I didn't have my ID with me, so we couldn't go to a pub; I ran to get us some food from a close-by mcdonalds a few times; and we walked around to make the time go by, but it wasn't until we decided to check out the cinema that we really had fun. I was so pleasantly surprised by this film. It was terrifying, thrilling, deeply messed up, and at times even funny. I absolutely recommend it.

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