• Germinal



    I rewatched that right after finishing the book and although I remember enjoying it a lot a couple years ago, I now can't help but feel that everything that made the book so powerful was just trimmed down to a succession of events, which is understandable considering the size of it, yet still everything felt a bit fast.

  • The Quick and the Dead

    The Quick and the Dead


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Clearly if you think Leo’s saddest death scene is in Titanic, you haven’t watched this film. It fucks me up every single time.

  • Revenge



    That was a nice surprise! I came across it on tv, expected nothing, got a high dose of hemoglobin and really stylish filmmaking.
    You need enough suspension of disbelief to accept that the characters still stand straight after losing so much blood and suffering such gruesome injuries, but that's part of the fun!

  • The Consequences of Love

    The Consequences of Love


    I'm going to be thinking about that ending for a long-ass time

  • The Spanish Apartment

    The Spanish Apartment


    I don't think there's any other movie that shows what it feels like to be away on exchange quite as well

  • Shazam!



    PG Deadpool

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    I give it a 4 because making a serious witch movie that doesn't end up looking ridiculous is a feat in itself

  • Keep an Eye Out

    Keep an Eye Out

    C'est absurde et assez marrant mais pas complètement mon délire, c'est pour ça.

  • The Great Silence

    The Great Silence


    Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. As cold and relentless as the snowy landscape it depicts, this film by Corbucci, and scored impeccably by Enio Morricone, offers a bleak and violent view of the last frontier, where the savagery of men wins over the sense of freedom and opportunity offered by a new land.

  • The Lost City of Z

    The Lost City of Z


    This film stays with me like the jungle haunts Percy Fawcett.

  • Tolkien



    I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this movie, but it ended up being a pleasant surprise.
    The movie focuses on the youth and the formative years of the legendary fantasy author, and manages to give us a taste of all the things that could have inspired him in the writing of The Hobbit and The LOTR, all supported by Thomas Newman’s beautiful score.
    However, all these references to Tolkien’s imaginary world feel very sparse compared to his real…

  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    It wasn't perfect at all, but it wasn't half as bad as you all make it out to be.