Werckmeister Harmonies ★★★

Disclaimer: You are sitting down to watch a very arty, metaphorical film. It’s important to say that up front because if you’re not in the mood to put your thinking cap on, to dismantle the scenes, the dialog, the imagery both what is and is not there - you may not enjoy this if you just stick it on. That is what I did and it was good but I wasn’t switched on at 22:30 lying in bed to take it all in. This rating may change another day when I can properly do that. 

Original review:
Eerie - the film has so much space in the shots paired with so much silence to be able to take everything in. You focus on what is there each time, what is not, what is said and what is not. A ton of symbolism. 
Perhaps I’m too dumb to catch everything as it unfolded, but I did enjoy it. Extremely arty.