kieranhd has written 4 reviews for films rated ★★★ .

  • Enola Holmes

    Enola Holmes


    Don’t believe the haters - this is a three star film.

  • Werckmeister Harmonies

    Werckmeister Harmonies


    Disclaimer: You are sitting down to watch a very arty, metaphorical film. It’s important to say that up front because if you’re not in the mood to put your thinking cap on, to dismantle the scenes, the dialog, the imagery both what is and is not there - you may not enjoy this if you just stick it on. That is what I did and it was good but I wasn’t switched on at 22:30 lying in bed to take…

  • The Hangover

    The Hangover


    It’s funny, respects your time at just over an hour and a half, good pacing.

  • Space Jam

    Space Jam


    Soundtrack slaps. Some fun jokes I missed as a kid. It’s a looney toons movie so y’know what ya getting. Also Bill Murray is in it.