Enola Holmes ★★

Enola Holmes is probably the definition of flat out boredom in film. There are aspects to like about it but there are aspects to hate about it, resulting in just a flat and plain movie that I'll forget about by tomorrow morning. Going in, I had the lowest expectations possible as the trailer did not even peak my attention as it felt so boring and above all, strange. However, I was liberated from my painstakingly low expectations with some very surprising moments and a brilliant supporting cast. With positives, there are negatives and the biggest one unfortunately was Millie Bobby Brown and for a film where she is the lead, this became the biggest issue of the movie. Overall, it was a movie I watched. Nothing further to praise or dislike. It's simply a movie that exists.

The best part of Enola Holmes simply has to be Henry Cavill's portrayal of Sherlock. He nails every part of the role he needed to and even though he's not in it nearly enough, he still stole the show and became part of the best sequences. The second best part of this film is Sam Claflin simply because of his manner and how he conducts his character. He's a brilliant actor along with Cavill but aside from that, the rest of the cast have cameos, specifically with Helena Bonham Carter's character. When you watch the film, you'd understand why. The most surprising aspect of Enola Holmes is definitely the frequent fourth wall breaking. While in the trailer, it looked like a cringey ripoff of Deadpool and Birds Of Prey but instead, it actually benefitted the film and its characters. A surprisingly smart move.

This film is loaded with negatives, the main one being the pure existence of Millie Bobby Brown in it. She was simply awful as Enola, and ruined this movie as much as she ruined Godzilla II. The writing doesn't help her at all but whenever she was onscreen, I couldn't help but simply want to skip to the end. She's brilliant in Stranger Things but honestly she's grown to be quite annoying. I hope it's because of pressure possibly and that she grows as an actress but right now, she did not help this film be any better. Coming back to the quality of the writing, it is terribly cliche. Predictable to say the least and while predictability can prove to make a film good like with Aquaman, Enola Holmes struggles because there's too much that just makes the movie even more annoying. When "twists" become a part of the story, it's dramatized so much that I refuse to count them as twists purely because it's so overdone.

Enola Holmes was terrible despite some saving grace moments. Millie Bobby Brown was terrible, the writing was overly predictable and Henry Cavill as well as Sam Claflin couldn't save it. Basically, I'm surprised I didn't give up before the end of this movie. It's just rubbish. Nothing original and nothing new to add to the table, Enola Holmes is one of the worst of this year.