Oh man.

A deeply heavy film and a really moving character study. I was unsurprised to find out that many of the supporting characters are in fact real people telling their real stories. It has this inescapable air of authenticity that often blurs the lines of fiction and documentary.

McDormand is incredible in how much she does with so little. You can tell who this woman is and feel her story just through the way she sits, walks, and exists in the world. Real or fictional I don't think there was a single character in this film that didn't have my entire undying sympathy. There's something so punishing about seeing the lives of these sad, lonely people who have been forgotten by the world. Important to see though, a reminder that not everyone in life blows up the death star, escapes prison, or gets their shot in the ring. Some people just exist until they die.

I wish it went a little further into deconstructing the capitalist ideals that led to this grim reality for so many people but I'm inclined to say that about just about every film I've ever seen.

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