Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

On rewatch, I paid a lot more attention/appreciation to all the background action and FX that are just stunningly choreographed. Also realized this is primarily Adam Driver's movie, as he steals the show with his wide range of emotions and expressions (and yeah ok, the absurd amount of closeups help). Daisy Ridley has just as much screentime, but she's just so limited here and doesn't dramatically/narratively accomplish nearly as much as Fisher does in her supporting role (and Leia does some real heavylifting here). I could blame this, the general structural clumsiness/convenience and Johnson's strange need to constantly show his hand too early on the shift from Abrams' focus on character to Johnson's focus on hardware and sheer visual magnitude, but it's not simply the number of gears being stuffed in here that's the problem. This time it's the gear itself (same goes with Benicio del Toro).

P.S. I prefer Fathiers over Porgs by a long shot.

and WHERE. IS. LANDO?!?!?!

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