Scream ★★★★

Arguably one of the best and most popular modern horror movies.

I'll have to admit that I really wasn't scared of the killer at all. I think the main reason for that is that I was, big surprise, born after this movie was released, so pretty much every Halloween when I went Trick or Treating, a bunch of little kids were running around with the Ghostface-mask. My point here is that even if this movie isn't scary for someone, they will likely still have so much fun with it since it's just such a simple plot executed so well.

The killer is written perfectly: How does he act? He calls his victims on the phone, torments them by making them feel unsafe even in "safe" places such as their homes, until he murders them violently with a giant knife. This paves the way for one of the most iconic horror movie scenes ever, which is the opening scene starring Drew Barrymore.

"What's your favorite scary movie?"

This very first scene also perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the film. It shows us that Ghostface has a sense of humor and isn't just a soulless puppet that goes around murdering people like Michael Myers or Jason Vorhees. Director Wes Craven is also apparently the god of meta references, hinting at- and throwing in easter eggs from his past movies. These variations on the typical serial killer character and constant references turn Scream into a more lighthearted and relevant horror movie than others which is most likely one of the reasons it is so immensly popular to this day.

"No, please don't kill me, Mr. Ghostface, I wanna be in the sequel!"

To get back to the point I made before, you don't just watch Scream to be scared, you watch it to see those unique and fun characters interact with each other. You want to try to guess what's happening next. You want to figure out who's hiding beneath the mask. Scream just has something for everyone.

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