King Kong

King Kong ★★★

There's something to be said about watching the original King Kong & Dune (2021) in the same night. Both paramount motion picture spectacles of their era, & believe it or not, none of my criticisms stem from visual comparison. In fact, I'm genuinely impressed with the editing & effects of this production - without factoring in a full 88yr handicap. What a pleasant surprise.

I'm also surprised to be dead-ass in love with the OG Scream Queen, Fay Wray. At only 26yrs old, she became a literal icon, & God only knows who all found their film-flair in that face & those lungs. Fay lived to be 96 - witnessed the turn of a century, & hopefully countless scenes & screams she inspired.

But you know what isn't surprising about a film made in 1933? Abundant bigotry 😬 Sure it's comical in a big-yikes way now to look back on the history of wyt men living hatefully with impunity, but that last line is the last straw, & knocks this baby down a whole-half.

The ♥️ stays tho. For Fay & for so many characters ending up in Kong's mouth 😆


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