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  • Island of Terror

    Island of Terror


    A small island is invaded by radioactive tentacles starfish like creature that suck the life, and bones out of its victims. Two scientists, Dr Stanley (Peter Cushing) and Dr West (Edward Judd) head out to the island immediately to see if they can find a cure for the mysterious deaths, only to find something much more terrifying.

    A quite solid and cozy little Terrence Fisher pierce that has some fun low budget effects, wire frame and fish line monster tentacles and a pretty good atmosphere. Yeah, I kind of had a good Sunday afternoon matinee vibe going on with this.

  • Maniac



    Whenever we go on about remakes, remember that every now and again there’s those remakes that take an original, reimagined it, and knock it out of the fucking park.

    Alexandre Aja, Frank Khalfoun And Elijah Wood grab Lustig and Spinell’s epic grindhouse shockshow, that’s still as powerful forty years on, and bring it into a contemporary world. Dark, violent, disturbing and as I argued back in December when I reviewed the original, they even manage to capture the emotional core…

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  • The Eternal Jew

    The Eternal Jew

    I've got a buddy who works actively against fascism and right wing movements. He once gave me a bunch of DVDs with the explanation that I as a "film historian and cinephile" would probably understand to watch them for their value, not the message.

    What do you say about a film like this, the Nazi party's main anti-Jew propaganda piece, commissioned and partially supervised by Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels himself. Well it's a manipulative monster of course, almost a…

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Today is Meistro Lucio Fulci's Birthday. He would have been 88 if he was still with us. Through the years and a lot of repetitive viewing of his gems balanced out with basically the most of his entire back catalogue, yes even the Chet Baker musical comedy, I've come to rank Fulci as one of the greatest Italian directors of genre film ever.

    To celebrate his memory, I've cracked open the Grindhouse bluray, and compared to the other two blurays…