Eternals ★★★½

Often the most ambitious films are also the most flawed. Eternals has a lot of problems - it's messy, it doesn't have a interesting or clearly defined threat, and doesn't quite manage to give all of its great characters the satisfying arcs they deserve. But it's also a sweeping epic, spanning thousands of years across the globe, with a fantastic set of new characters and beautiful visuals.

Anyone who viewed this as a paycheck movie for Zhao going in will very quickly realise that this is not the case. You can feel her passion for this story oozing out of every scene.

Eternals is all over the place, but I always say that I admire a film that tries a lot and doesn't succeed at everything a whole lot more than a film that excels at being decent. As a result, this ended up being my favourite mcu film of the year so far despite my issues with it.

We're constantly saying that we want more ambitious and unique mcu movies so let's stop shitting on those movies once we get them please.

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