Upgrade ★★★½

This was really cool! I loved the exploration of the technology of the future almost being pinned against humanity and the society of old. Despite a low budget, Whannel was able to bring this to life in a vibrant world that actually felt lived in.

The interplay between Gray and Stem is a lot of fun and made me realise how good Venom could have been (sigh). But by far my favourite aspect of this film is the fight scenes. The stuntwork and, in particular, the camerawork are so on point and lead to a couple of moments where my jaw genuinely dropped.

The revenge plot does enough to hold your attention but isn't really anything we haven't seen before. It follows most of the same beats that are in all the other films like this but the cool spin on it with the technological aspect manages to save it. Still, I could have done with a bit more from the overall story.

But this is still a really good action/sci-fi film and is also a much needed breath of fresh air for the genre. And that ending was fantastic!

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