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  • Dr. No
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  • A Man for All Seasons
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  • The Matrix Resurrections

  • Elf

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  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections

    If you don't have a personal interest in the Wachowski way of life, The Matrix Resurrected is like Star Wars: The Force Awakens with some pointless extra discussion of whether freewill exists on top.

    It's the same desperate marketing strategy: Stretch out a firmly concluded franchise by nostalgically re-treading the first movie, in order to hopefully create a new trilogy with none of the original artistry.

    Just as The Force Awakens "continued the saga" by ridiculously bringing the evil Empire…

  • Elf


    A modern Christmas classic - even though it's as overstuffed and forgettable as most people’s holiday season.

    Elf has 1980s DNA: it's as sentimental as a Spielberg movie, with an 80s "rise to the top" story on the side, an equal desire for laughter and tears, a retro story about fathers reconnecting with their sons. And above all it understands correctly that Christmas is not automatically a happy time.

    It's a season for just pretending to be jolly, carefree and…

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  • Watchmen


    Here's what I received from my £4 second-hand copy of Watchmen: (Director’s Cut)…

    - About 4 weeks of intellectual stimulation.
    - A new historical narrative about the 20th century.
    - A new political philosophy to go with it.
    - A crash-course on the history of ethics.
    - A new appreciation of postmodernist art (to my shock!).
    - And a hole in my wallet from buying books to research it all.

    Watchmen isn’t a movie. It’s a university course. Snyder walks…

  • Parasite


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I wonder what Bong Joon-ho's servants think of this film, or the domestic staff of Milky Lee, the billionaire heiress who funded it (her grandaddy made Samsung)? I'm beginning to think the reason Korean cinema is taking off in the West is because they couldn't get away with this vile trash if they if they made it here, the servants would most likely be non-white or immigrants, and the media class would have to pretend they were outraged by this…